Join the project!

This is your open invitation to send a letter. No matter how old you are or where you were adopted, whether you know your birthparents or not — if you are an adoptee, please feel free to join the project.

Write a letter to your birthfather and/or birthmother. Another way to think about this: given the chance to say anything to your birthparents, what would you say? What would you want them to know about?

The letter(s) can be as creative as you wish. They may be simply typed or handwritten; they can be collages, drawings, or something more abstract. I only ask that it be something that you can send to me in the mail. I will collect these letters on an ongoing basis and they will be posted to the website as they come in and I am able to scan them. 

Concerning your anonymity: I will not post any identifying information without consent. You do not need to put a return address on the envelope you send your letter in if you do not wish to. I will not post addresses (ever) either way.  In the interest of  keeping statistics on the project, I would like to know how old you are/were when the letter(s) were written and where you were adopted. This would be kept private for my records or can be made public as a caption on your letter (please indicate). But if you would prefer to remain completely anonymous that is perfectly fine as well. 

Please send all letters to:

Robin Hilkey

49 W 27th Street 3rd Floor
New York, New York, 10001

Thank you! Please feel free to send any questions to Also feel free to share this project with any other adoptees/adoptee communities. 


P.S. If mailing by snail mail is not feasible due to geographic issues, letters may also be emailed to me at In this case you can send either docs, pdfs, or scans of handwritten (300dpi).